About us

QSUM Biopsy Disposables LLC

QSUM Biopsy Disposables is based in Baxter, Minnesota. Launched in 2006 under the expertise of the two principals, Hudson Jones and Cindy Henke-Sarmento. QSUM has grown into a very successful company. Originally based in Boulder, Colorado, QSUM in 2016 hired Chris Bean as President and re-located to Baxter, Minnesota.

Mr. Jones expertise includes the development and management of customer support operations, distribution services, and in-depth experience establishing efficient business systems in support of customer requirements.

Ms Henke-Sarmento RTR (M) (BA), is a seasoned entrepeneur having 35 years experience in the Mammography field and over 25 years of specialized experience in Product Management in the Stereotactic, Ultrasound and MRI modalities.

Mr. Bean has held many roles in the Medical field and his diverse contributions have made him an integral factor since his arrival with   QSUM Biopsy. Mr. Bean has been President of International sales, Director of technical Service, and has a vast experience in sales. His extensive knowledge of the MRI field is truly an asset to QSUM Biopsy Disposables.

QSUM's Mission Statement

We are committed to cost effective and innovative products specifically designed for the Interventional Radiology and Breast Care markets.

About QSUM

QSUM’s focus is providing biopsy trays/kits, draping and specialty products for the Interventional Radiology and Breast Care Markets. QSUM products are intended for clinical procedures specifically related to Stereotactic, Ultrasound and MRI for the Interventional Radiology and Breast Care markets.