QSUM Biopsy Disposables LLC Quality Stereotactic, Ultrasound & MRI Biopsy Disposables
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QSUM trays provide:
  • Spinal needle for applying deep anesthetic
  • Chloraprep® for reduction in patient infections and allergic reactions.
  • Quick procedure turn-around time
  • Cost savings


Basic Interventional Tray

 Basic Interventional Tray - B103This basic tray allows you to customize it to each individual physician's preference. All the basics are here!

B103 - Basic Interventional Tray
Pricing is $269.80 per case of 20 ($13.49 each)


1 Outside CSR Wrap 28 x 28 white
1 Prep Tray 10"L x 5"W x 2"D
10 4 x 4 Gauze 12 ply
3 Blue OR Towels 17"W x 24"L
1 25G x 5/8" Needle
1 18G x 1 " Needle
1 20G x 3 " Needle
1 Scalpel 11 Blade
1 Chloraprep 3ML
1 Syringe 10cc
2 Syringe 6cc

Ultrasound Biopsy Drape

Ultrasound Biopsy Drape - US401The AccuFit® "Sterile" Ultrasound Drape is designed to protect your patient and you from infectious body fluids. Designed specifically for Interventional Ultrasound Biopsy, this drape has an oval hole for complete access to the area of interest. Velcro tabs hold the transducer and or biopsy device tubing.

US401 - Ultrasound Biopsy Drape
Pricing is $119.75 per case of 25