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MammoGown™ MG201 (adjustable Petite to 1X)

The MammoGown™ Optimizes Patient Comfort, Technologist Accessibility and STYLE!
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ADJUSTABLE FROM PETITE TO 1X:  The most popular is the MG201 which provides an adjustable waist to fit from a Petite woman to a 1X.   Light Blue

ELASTIC WAIST TABS RETREAT:  How many times have you put on a gown and one tie is missing?  With our new design the tabs retreat into the waist band so they will always be accessible.

PATIENT PRIVACY:  Nothing is worse than having your patient be exposed.  It can be embarrassing for all involved.  The MammoGown provides complete coverage all the way around!  Easy access plastic snaps allow only the breast being imaged to be exposed.  Everything else is completely covered!

MULTI-MODALITY USE:  These gowns can be used for all imaging modalities including MRI.  The gown utilizes plastic snaps that are very easy to use.  The MammoGown can also be used in place of the typical Hospital Gown.  Easy access for PICC or PORT insertion, Pacemakers, etc.

EASY ACCESS:  Patient’s step into the gown and pull it up or pull it over their head.  This allows options to patients with hurt shoulders, arms or legs, the ease of getting in and out of this gown.